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CMC Holiday Edition

Let's skip the burnout and sell with ease this holiday season

Sell without the stress and let's end 2021 with energy & income to enjoy the holidays.

It’s been a loooooong year. I think we’re ALL ready for a vacation!

But the holidays are quickly approaching.

And for us business owners, that means ramping up for another big launch to get our offers in front of customers during the noisiest and most expensive time of the year.

I don't know about you, but I just don't feel like spending 3X more money on ads for half the returns as last year (thanks to Apple iOS 14 privacy changes).

And I don't really want to end up exhausted and sick right in time for our annual end-of-year vacation. (Even if we're not going anywhere this year, I still want to enjoy it!)

If you're feeling it too, I have a surprise for you!

I put together the world's most relaxing sales and marketing strategy to help you stand out from the noise and save your time, energy, and money ~ while still raking in sales like a BOSS.

And I'm sharing it with soulpreneurs like you in the Conscious Marketing Club, our monthly membership for business owners who care about impact as much as income (and want more of both!)

Join us for the regular rate of $27/month and get instant access to:

~ weekly prompts that help you focus on the few things that need your attention each week without falling into the trap of ALL the things

~ a marketing plan that will help you rise above the noise and be the brightest light in your customers' world when they're being blasted by ads and discounts from your competition

~ live Q&A sessions twice a week

~ accountability and community support

~ Business Alchemy for those who like more magic in their marketing efforts

and so much more!

Click the button to get alllllll the details and join us for the holidays!

Marketing Coaching/Consultation Sessions

If you've ever wished you could just get an expert set of eyes on your marketing efforts or ask questions and get answers that are specific and unique to your business, this is for you!

Click Learn More to see what's included.

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Hire the authentic marketing experts!

Marketing so true to you and your brand that even your own mother will think you're the one doing it!

(True story from one of our clients...)

You have better things to do than spend all day on social media looking for customers.

And unless you dream of learning everything there is to learn about online marketing (and keeping up with every update and shift in the market), you're better off NOT doing it yourself.

Instead, let the biggest nerds in online marketing pour our expertise, experience, and innovation into your success each month.

Click the button to learn more!

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