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You're my HERO

Very few business owners are willing to spend the time & energy on what happens after the sale until they've hit their first million dollars.

The fact that you're here, ready to learn how to do this yourself before you're ready to outsource it tells me that you're the real deal. You're running a business that genuinely cares about your people.

Let me guess, you actually want them to finish what they bought and get RESULTS from using it???

Not just because it means they'll buy from you, but because it actually makes you happy knowing that you're selling things people want, things that change people's lives!!

Yep, I knew it, you're my HERO!

So here's what we have planned for you in the next few months:

Up until now, our main focus has been 1:1 clients. But after seeing what a HUGE difference it makes to delight your people after they buy, we realized we need to share this with as many do-good businesses as possible.

We started offering live workshops at the end of 2021, but the feedback was pretty unanimous:

Our way of crafting customer experiences is totally new for the world of online coaches, course creators, memberships, e-commerce, subscriptions, SAAS, and service-based businesses.

Based on that feedback, we decided to make some changes to those workshops and release them again after our mid-March retreat.

So here's what we have planned in the meantime:

💻 We'll be running our live workshops again at the beginning of April. (Can't wait that long? Check out our 1:1 options here.)

✍ We're also working behind the scenes on a blog that will launch at the beginning of March.

🍻  We open our pop-up community every few months to provide high-level support including Office Hours, copy critiques, and strategy coaching. The next round is planned for May.

💌 Those on our DIY waitlist will receive emails roughly twice a month with our best tips for things you can do right away to boost your retention rates, success rates, completion rates, conversion rates, customer nurturing, client onboarding, LTV, and more.

Click the button to join the waitlist and we'll let you know when any of these things are ready plus get our best tips for delighting your clients & customers in the meantime!

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