Marketing Coaching/Consultation Sessions

Marketing Coaching/Consultation Sessions

Sometimes you don't need (or can't afford) to outsource your marketing every month.

And sometimes you just need help this one time to fix something.

Stop guessing and hire the experts to work together with you!

Examples from previous sessions:

💥 Walking through their sales funnel together and discussing what's working, what's broken, and how to optimize for more sales.

💥 Looking at what they're spending time on each week and discussing if those tasks are the right things to reach their goals. (They weren't! She was working her butt off on brand awareness tasks when what she really wanted was sales!)

💥 Planning out 3 months worth of content with specific topics, social media prompts, etc. so that she knows EXACTLY what to talk about for the next 90 days!!!


Each of these were accomplished with just ONE coaching call each.

Imagine what you would do!

After one such session, Leanna said:

Client testimonial that says we nailed it and can we please write all her content for her

When you sign up for a single session package with me, you get:

✨ One 60-minute 1:1 session to discuss one area of your marketing that you want to focus on. (I can help you narrow it down before our call if you're not quite sure where to start.)

✨ One week of email support following our session together to help/answer any questions about implementing what we worked on together

✨ 3 months access to any Real To Ideal trainings/online courses that specifically help with the area we worked on together (I decide if it's related or helpful 😊)

Jo describes what it's like to work with us as an MLM business owner:

Testimonial describing Mollie as a marketing GURU

Each session will focus on one specific area of your marketing (for example, a specific sales funnel, not all your sales funnels) but you can buy additional single session packages to address other areas.

To see which days/times are available in your time zone before purchasing, click here.

Paula describes her instant success after a session with Mollie:

Paula says she scheduled a strategy call with a new prospect after following our prompts and strategies on social media

What will you achieve

with expert help and support?


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